We Cater

Whether you just want shave ice, ice cream, or both, we’ll work with you to determine the right menu and set-up for your special event.

Our beautiful vintage truck is the perfect addition to any event both large and small. Whether you prefer our full menu of options or a limited selection to help control costs, we’ll work with you to ensure your event is successful and stays within budget.

Our event minimum is $500 plus 18% gratuity for up to two hours of service.* Our minimum does include both shave ice and ice cream options with total servings depending on your specific event needs/preferences.

We are happy to provide a quote and work out specific details, just fill out our BOOKING REQUEST FORM and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Please note: our service area is limited to Central Ohio, greater Columbus area.

*Smaller budgets could be accommodated depending on event specifics.