Please note: Menu item availability and pricing may change based on event.

Signature Creations

A delicious blend of soft fluffy shave ice, premium ice cream with unique toppings for an ultimate chilljoy experience.

Small ($6) Large ($8)

  • Paradise Found
  • Strawberry Colada
  • Sunset Dreamsicle
  • Beach Bum
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Peach Berry Blast
  • Banana Split
  • Blue Lagoon

Shave Ice

Soft, fluffy, Hawaiian style!

Small ($4) Large ($5)

Ten standard flavors including puree options and rotating specials. (No HFCS ever! Sugar-free options too!)

There’s only one way to achieve the softest, fluffiest ice – with a Hawaiian style block ice shaver!

Ice Cream

Traditional scooped ice cream!

Single ($4) Double ($5)

Four to six standard flavors and rotating specials. (Premium locally sourced ice cream and sorbet options.)

Proudly serving


Locally made gourmet pops! ($3.50)

  • Tropical Vibe by Too Good Eats
  • Cocoa Dream by Rime Time

(All-natural, gluten-free, and vegan friendly.)

Add-ons / Toppings


li hing mui (sweet, salty, savory)

Take your tropical shave ice creation to the next level with this amazing blast of flavor like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

.50 cents

  • chocolate syrup
  • whip cream
  • sprinkles
  • snow cap (sweetened condensed milk)
  • azuki beans (sweetened red bean)
  • coconut flakes (all-natural, no sugar added)


  • ice cream under shave ice (3 oz)
  • waffle cone
  • mini-mochi (sweet rice cake)
  • boba (when available)
  • fresh fruit (when available)



We are stoked to offer all-natural Hawaiian Sun drinks. Try them both!



Don’t forget your furry family friends. They will just love our shave ice and ice cream bowl with a dog treat on top!

*ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: We will make every effort to accommodate those with allergic reactions to allergens such as nuts and gluten, but we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the products we source have not already come in contact with potential allergens. Most products we offer are sourced from facilities that may come in contact with these allergens.