Coupled with a traditional block ice shaver as seen in Hawaii, we use only purified water to create our block ice enabling the cleanest and softest snow possible.

We source our syrup concentrates directly from Hawaii and use only real cane sugar to create our delicious tropical and Midwest favorite syrups. In addition, we offer both real fruit puree and sugar-free options as well.

Our beautiful shaver and many flavor options.

As if that wasn’t good enough, we offer all the traditional Hawaiian shave ice toppings including mochi, azuki beans, snow cap (sweetened condensed milk), ice cream or sorbet and last but not least Li Hing Mui powder for the win!

Our Paradise Found special is a fan favorite featuring Lychee, Mango and Passion Fruit shave ice, over vanilla ice cream and topped with mochi, azuki beans and a snow cap!

We are proud to serve 4th generation, family-owned Johnson’s Real Ice Cream.  Their Bexley, Ohio scoop shop on Main Street has been in operation since 1950 with New Albany, Dublin and Chicago locations opening in recent years.

Johnson’s has a full line of traditional and dairy-free options, both of which we’ll be sure to have available each week!

Lastly, we have options to turn your scoop into a traditional sundae as well.

Check our menu for available sundae toppings options as they may change daily.
Don’t forget, Fido loves frozen treats too!

*ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: We will make every effort to accommodate those with allergic reactions to allergens such as nuts and gluten, but we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the products we source have not already come in contact with potential allergens. Most products we offer are sourced from facilities that may come in contact with these allergens.