Flavors, toppings and more!

The most amazing thing about Chilljoy Frozen Treatery is we have something for everyone on our menu (including your pets)! We have fat-free (ff), sugar-free (sf), gluten-free (gf), vegan (v), dairy-free (df) and keto/low-carb (k) options available.

Please read disclaimers below regarding allergies.

Ice Cream

Classic Ice Cream

We proudly serve Johnson’s Real Ice Cream. Our flavors will rotate weekly so check our menu for what’s in stock today!

Sugar-free & Keto Friendly

We are thrilled to offer scoops and pints of Rebel Creamery brand ice cream. Rebel is a keto and diabetic friendly ice cream that is like no other “healthy” ice cream on the market. You have to try it to believe it!

shave ice

Classic Syrup Flavors (ff, gf, v, df)

We have a plethora of classic syrup flavors that are all made with real cane sugar and concentrates originating from Hawaii. These are the same flavors you’ll find at many of the shave ice shops in Hawaii. Everything from cherry, lemon/lime and blue raspberry to mango, passion fruit and lychee.

We will carry 8-10 flavors on our truck which may rotate weekly.

Sugar Free Flavors (ff, sf, gf, v, df, k)

Our sugar free flavors are currently made with Splenda. Ask us for the flavors of the day!

Real Fruit Flavors
(ff, gf, v, df, k*)

A new trend in Hawaiian shave ice is using real fruit purees to top your shave ice. It makes for a truly delicious version of shave ice.

*Depends on flavor.


Several toppings we may have available work well for both ice cream and shave ice including:

  • Chocolate syrup
  • Caramel syrup
  • Whip cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Real Fruit (when available)
  • Peanuts
  • Pecans
  • Coconut Flakes

For a truly Hawaiian shave ice experience, consider one or all of these unique toppings:

  • Snow Cap (sweetened condensed milk)
  • Mochi (a sweet and squishy rice cake based on the Japanese treat of the same name)
  • Azuki Beans (a sweetened red bean)
  • Li Hing Mui (a sprinkle of sweet, salty and sour all in one)

novelties and treats

We will have a few novelties and other treats on hand for the grab and go kind of person you might be. These may include: fresh baked-locally made cookies, ice cream cookies sandwiches and more.

treats for your pets

Do you love treating your furry friend? We do too! Not only do we carry dog specific ice cream, but shave ice is a great cool treat as well.

NUT ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: We carry nuts as an ice cream topping in addition to ice cream that is made in facilities that have nuts, therefore we cannot provide a 100% risk-free guarantee regarding our ice cream. However, shave ice is completely risk free. Please inform us of a nut allergy and we will sanitize our work space accordingly.

GLUTEN AND OTHER ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: Please inform us when ordering if you have a gluten or other sensitive allergy. We will make every effort to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.