Road Trip With Thelma

It might be our offseason, but Thelma, our gorgeous gal, went on a little road trip to the 2022 NTEA’s Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN March 8-11. She was chosen as Morgan Olson’s LEGACY Step Van of the Year to be a part of their tradeshow display — and she didn’t disappoint. Huge thankContinue reading “Road Trip With Thelma”

What is shave ice?

If you didn’t know, I love Hawai’i. But, instead of a haole girl like me explaining the origins of shave ice, I’ll let the experts go for it. Onolicious Hawai’i (a local way of saying super delicious) highlights all the variations from a local perspective. “In Hawaii, we call it Shave Ice. If you say, ShavedContinue reading “What is shave ice?”