Allergy & Preference Menu Options

Have an ice day!

ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: We make every effort to accommodate those at risk of an allergic reactions to allergens such as nuts and gluten, but we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the products we source have not already come in contact with potential allergens (with a few exceptions based on product packaging).

What is vegan friendly?
  • Sweet Venture Bowls: Most bowls can be made vegan-friendly by removing or replacing ice cream for sorbet and switching out toppings like snow cap to mochi or boba. Just ask!
  • Shave Ice: All shave ice and shave ice flavors.
  • Sorbet: All sorbet is dairy-free. Cones are vegan friendly.
  • Toppings: azuki beans (sweetened red bean), coconut flakes (all-natural, no sugar added), mini-mochi (sweet rice cake), boba and fresh fruit when available
  • Drinks: Hawaiian Sun, Floats (if using sorbet), slushies and soda
  • Popsicles: Our Too Good Eats brand is 100% vegan. Rime Time generally is vegan friendly, but sometimes we do carry a dairy based pop. Just ask!
What is gluten-free?

Please be sure to tell us before we begin making your treat so we can adjust accordingly to accommodate your allergy.

  • Sweet Venture Bowls: Most bowls are already gluten-free, but some toppings may have gluten. Just ask! We can always switch out ice creams/sorbets and toppings to accommodate.
  • Shave Ice: All shave ice and shave ice flavors.
  • Ice Cream & Sorbet: All sorbet and some ice creams are gluten-free like vanilla, chocolate, buckeye fever, macadamia nut and others. Be sure to ask if we have other flavors.
  • Toppings: Almost all of our toppings are gluten-free.
  • Drinks: Hawaiian Sun and soda
  • Popsicles: Our Too Good Eats and Rime Time are generally gluten-free. We may carry a seasonal flavor so just double check by asking.
What is sugar-free?

Our sugar-free options are limited, but we do offer sugar-free syrup for our shave ice (made with Splenda). Flavor options are made-to-order so just ask.

What is safe from nut allergies?
  • All of our shave ice is safe from nut allergies. Be sure to inform us prior to making your shave ice so we can change our gloves and prep accordingly.
  • While some ice creams and all sorbets are nut free, they are made in facilities that have nuts. We cannot in good conscious provide any guarantees regarding cross contaminations have not already occurred.