About Us

It’s kind of funny the way life wanders and how someone eventually comes to own a shave ice and ice cream truck in Columbus, Ohio.

Founded by veteran Stephani McIntyre in 2018, she took inspiration from her time stationed in Hawaii to create an authentic shave ice experience for Columbus, Ohio. Stephani grew up in the South Columbus neighborhood of Obetz. A core memory of hers was summer walks to the neighborhood ice cream shop with her family. While living in Hawaii, she was introduced to a local favorite – shave ice. Falling in love with the treat, she brought it back to her hometown so others can experience the joy.

Now travelling the world, Stephani has passed her love of shave ice to Columbus local, Kara Rogers, who is excited to continue what Stephani has stared.

New owner Kara Rogers spent summers between visiting her family in Canada and hanging out here in Columbus. She has always dreamed of owning a dessert truck, with ice cream being her favorite dessert, but once she tried shaved ice, everything changed.

Shave ice is nothing like the crunchy, syrup-at-the-bottom snow cones we are used to. Instead it is soft, fluffy snow that absorbs the syrup so every bite has flavor. Add in ice cream and toppings like sweetened condensed milk (aka snow cap) and mochi and OMG! Mind blown.

Kara strives to keep the Hawaiian shave ice experience in Columbus for us to enjoy. Always serving ice cream and other frozen treats with the highest quality ingredients, find or reserve the Chilljoy truck to experience it yourself soon!


noun: a sweet and cool moment of pure happiness