About Thelma

A 1959 Chevy Olson Kurbside Grumman Step Van


I found this lime green beauty in Dayton, Ohio through a series of fortunate events. The previous owners had plans to add her to their food truck fleet until their dream of expanding into a brick and mortar location came true. As a result, she needed re-homed and I was lucky enough to make that possible.

what’s a kurbside?

The Olson Kurbside Grumman step vans were typically used as delivery or transport vehicles much like the UPS, USPS and FedEx step vans of today. Click here for some more history on the Olson Kurbside.

In 2019, we met another previous owner and he shared new (old) exciting photos indicating a past life as a soup and sandwich food truck (of the roach coach variety). We don’t know much more beyond that as of now, but we’ll keep trying to learn her original intended use.


Army veteran, Benny Leach of Long Gone Fabrication in Dayton, Ohio spent the better part of 2017 turning her back into road worthy condition.


My wonderful and talented grandmother loved ice cream until her very last day. In fact, it was her very last meal before leaving us suddenly in December 2008. We could only dream of having an exit like hers after a long and wonderful life full of love.

Her name was Thelma Joy.